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July 2024
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Mayan Minute #4 Will No One Show Some Love For Fridays?
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Posted by: Fete Fatale @ 9:36 pm

I can see my week stretching out before me now: the Slidey Puzzle that is getting dozens of people with group preferences and date limitations sorted into groups of ten on specific dates.

This is NOT the funnest part of Whately prep.

Ok, we KNEW that losing Saturday Night Of Halloween Weekend was going to cause difficulties with scheduling. [Liz, you had better never question your uncle’s love for you.] Saturdays always fill up the quickest—we understand that for many people Friday nights just aren’t feasible (we have an amazing percentage of players who travel more than 100 miles to come to Whately). And Saturdays have the advantage of all day to prep. These are all reasons why we charge less for Fridays. :)

This year our schedule only has 4 Saturdays (not counting the playtest). As of 11pm Monday, here’s what people have asked for:

  1. 10/6: No requests
  2. 10/13: Two separate requests for the entire run, plus another pair for whom this is the only possible date.
  3. 10/20: A request for the entire run.
  4. 11/3: A request for 6 spots in this run.

We have 6 Fridays, though:

  1. 10/5: No requests
  2. 10/12: No requests
  3. 10/19: Somewhere between 5 and 10, still in flux.
  4. 10/26: It’s Halloween Weekend, yet no requests.
  5. 11/2: A request for 3 spots.
  6. 11/9: A request for 2 spots.

We also received a request for a run on any Sunday in October, from friends who have jobs where they work Friday and Saturday nights. Given the price of plywood, this is pretty likely to get added.

Those are just the folks who’ve contacted us about dates. The really exciting part starts when registration opens Wednesday.

One Response to “Mayan Minute #4 Will No One Show Some Love For Fridays?”

  1. Jeremy Says:
    For groups all it takes is one person travelling in or one person working on Saturday mornings and suddenly all Fridays are out of the question.

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