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April 2024
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Moonbase Minute #1: About Groups
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Posted by: Fete Fatale @ 12:59 pm

A no-win scenario and/or death at the hands of unforgiving space is so much more enjoyable when shared with friends!

Way back in the dawn of Whately, we opened registration without much prior warning, and within a day or so, had sixty registrations listing the dates each person could play and the people they hoped to play with. This led to us spending a day sitting at the dining room table with sheets of paper labeled with dates and post-its with players’ names, trying to put together runs that would make the greatest number of players happy.

The next year, we sent out a “Registration Opens in A Week!” type announcement, giving the following instructions:

We’re handling registration this way to allow folks time to arrange their groups in advance. We encourage you to coordinate your preferred play date with your friends before you register, so that we can spend our time on devising devious devices instead of verifying groups’ schedules (”Dick wants to play on Friday with Jane, but Jane wants to play on Saturday with Spot, while Spot’s got a dog show that weekend and wants to play with Dick and Jane the following weekend.”). Talk amongst yourselves and find a date now that will work for the group you’d like to play with.

That year, we learned that we should have asked groups to contact us BEFORE registration, because we ended up with several large groups all waiting to play Halloween weekend. So now we add:

If you are getting together a group of 5 or more–PLEASE don’t wait until registration opens to let us know which dates you’re considering. We’ll email you immediately, should there be more than one group hoping to play on the same date.

Up until Meddling Kids, every Whately held an even dozen players. Moonbase holds 10-12 (and, while you may ask, we’re not answering questions about the range). In order to better handle onesie-twosies registrations, we ask that your group not exceed ten players. Groups larger than that will most likely get cut off at ten anyway.

To recap:

  1. Coordinate with your friends your preferred/possible nights to play.
  2. If that’s 5 or more people, email us with your players and date preferences ASAP so we can head off any big-group-collisions.
  3. If it’s more than 10 players, be aware that we may have to cut you off at 10.
  4. Make sure that everyone in your group knows to register starting August 31st, what dates to indicate and what group to specify on the form.

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  1. Mary Frampton Says:
    We’re trying to get our group decided now (could be more than 5 people), but I think it’s pretty safe to say everyone is not going to have their minds made up before the registration day. Hope we’re able to find a day…

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