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April 2024
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Moonbase Minute #2: About Uniforms
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Posted by: Fete Fatale @ 8:49 pm

Unless it’s onboard a smuggling vessel, don’t uniforms seem to be the rule in space, present-day or future, fictional or not?

Early on in the planning for The Curse of Whately’s Moonbase, we knew that our characters were going to include members of the military as well as employees of the corporation mining at the moonbase. While you can argue either way for uniforms on the corporate employees, one of the distinctive features of on-duty military personnel is that they are in uniform.

Once we decided we had characters we wanted in uniform, we had to consider the possible logistics of doing so. We quickly realized that providing them a) was not going to be that hard (using our warped definition of reasonable Whately effort, that is), b) would allow us to provide precisely the visual distinctions we wanted for the characters and c) would mean slime would be landing on the garments we provided, rather than players’ clothing.

Kelly O’Donoghue volunteered to serve as Moonbase Chief Costuming Minion. We gave her the basic requirements and worked through some ideas with her, and when she and Don came to Chicago for Under Angmar’s Shadow, she brought prototypes. Last weekend Don came down to work on “some props” and he brought with him a second round of prototypes. So Labor Day weekend, Kelly, Gail’s mom Barb and Gail will be firing up an assembly line of cutting and sewing.

This scheduling dovetails nicely with registration opening August 31st, because we should have a good idea by the weekend how many of each size we should need for each run. Therefore, we beseech you: please find a tape measure or a friend with a tape measure so your registration can include chest, waist and height measurements. The Uniform Minions will thank you.

* We must mention at this point that Anita Szostak has also contributed many hours towards the uniform project. Not mentioning what form her contributions took yet, though. :)

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